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Applied Electronics Limited
1260 Kamato Road
Mississauga ON, L4W 1Y1
Paul Roeser, Manager of Sales Operations, Broadcast & Media Sol
Adam Medri, Account Manager, Technology Sales
Jason Ross, Account Manager, Technology Sales
Paul Roeser, Sales Manager, Technology Sales
Applied Electronics is Canada's leading provider of Integrated Media Solutions and Professional Broadcast, Data Management and Audio Visual technology. Located in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, we offer systems design, supply and integration services.
Canon Canada Inc.- Lens Division
6390 Dixie Rd.
Mississauga ON, L5T 1P7
Carlo Beltrano
310 Judson Street
Units 2 and 3
Toronto ON, M8Z 5T6
Larry Lavoie
Toll Free
Cine-Source is a full service sales company serving the broadcast, video, film and theatrical production industry in Canada.
IJES Camera Support Systems
Camera Support Systems
130 Industrial Park Road Unit 3
Haliburton ON, K0M 1S0
Ian Johnson
Camera support equipment repairs, service and sales. Repairs, maintenance and service to all makes of camera support equipment from tripods to pan & tilt heads to studio pedestals and beyond. Certified technicians for Cartoni, Miller, Sachtler, Vinten, OConnor, and more. We can work with both the latest electro-mechanical equipment through to older/obsolete systems. We provide engineering design and machining for specialty parts on site. I.J.E.S. Camera Support Systems is a leader in supplying creative technical solutions. We offer an industry-leading 6 month warranty on all repairs.
The Source Shop
119 Jefferson
Toronto ON, M6K 3E4
Louise Nardella, Director
Specializing in sales of Lighting & Grip Equipment, Expendable Supplies, Accessories, Extreme Weather Gear featuring Canada Goose Parkas & Promotional Products to the Entertainment Industry Since 1993. Creators of Authentic Crew Gear
Videolink Inc.
45 Lucy Ave.
Toronto ON, M1L 1A1
Bruce Richardson
VideoLink is Canada's prime dealer for the NewTek TriCaster. Sales, Rentals and Support for integration of the TriCaster into all levels of Video Production.

Basic Listings

Arri Canada Ltd
T: 416-255-3335
Baker Real Estate Corp
T: 416-923-4621
Broadcast Systems and Equipment
T: 416-438-6230
Buyer Broker Realty Inc.
T: 416-927-9866
Carbon Computing
T: 416-535-1999
Century Audio Visual Ltd.
T: 905-275-6010
T: 416-467-7700
Cornerstone Group of Companies
T: 416.932.9555
D.W. Electrochemicals Ltd.
T: 905-508-7500
DSC Laboratories
T: 905-673-3211
DV Shop
T: 416-604-1492
Dynamix Professional Video Systems Inc. London
T: 519-681-5000
Dynamix Professional Video Systems Inc. Toronto
T: 905-882-4000
Dynamix Professional Video Systems. Ottawa Inc.
T: 613-724-4999
Electromate Industrial Sales Ltd.
T: 905-850-7447
Entertainment Technology
T: 416-598-2223
Ferguson Communications Inc
T: 416-222-1424
FUJIFILM Canada Inc.
T: 905-890 6611
Fujinon, Inc.
T: 905-898-1382
T: 905-669-7979
IC Technology
T: 416-869-0001
Image Gear Inc.
T: 416-923-7432
Interactive Market Systems
T: 416-961-2840
IO Industries
T: (519) 663-9570
Mackenzie Equipment Co. Ltd.
T: 416-299-4686
T: 905-873-0778
T: 905-946-5701
New Wave Travel
T: 416-928-3113
T: 1-888-444-2611
Paul Wolf Electric & Lighting
T: 416-504-8195
Pleora Technologies
T: (613) 270-0625 x134
Premier A/V Sales Ltd.
T: 416-755-1148
Rosco Laboratories
T: 905-475-1400
Specialty Data Systems
T: (416) 960-8800
Storageflex Inc.
T: (905) 475-1380 x128
Superlink Communication and Printing Inc.
T: (416) 493-8900
Technically Yours Inc
T: 416-361-9390
Telmar Group Inc
T: 416-487-2111
Tradeport Electronics Group
T: 905-660-3797
Unlimi-Tech Software Inc.
T: 613.667.2439
Valcom Manufacturing Group Inc.
T: (519) 824-3220
Vistek Ltd.
T: 416-365-1777

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