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Featured Listings

David J. Woods Productions Inc.
934 Eastern Ave.
Toronto ON, M4L 1A4
David Woods, CEO/President
Diane Woods, VP/Exec. Producer (Sales&Marketing)
HD and SD Camera packages, AirPacks, Remote Heads, Video Assist and full range of support peripherals
SIM Digital
One Atlantic Ave.
Suite 110
Toronto ON, M6K 3E7
Tattersall Sound & Picture
260 King Street East, Suite A102
Toronto ON, M5A 4L5
Peter Gibson, General Manager
Jane Tattersall, President
Established in 1980, we're a full service facility offering sound and picture editing, sound design, equipment rental, Avid LAN share, pre-mixing and mixing services to Feature, TV, MOW and Documentary productions.

Basic Listings

Affinity Productions Group
T: 613-820-4660
Fearless Post
T: 416-504-9694

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