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Directory Listings

Featured Listings

Ontario Media Development Corp.
175 Bloor St. E., South Tower
Suite 501
Toronto ON, M4W 3R8
(416) 314-6858
Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) is an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. OMDC’s mandate is to build Ontario’s creative media industries’ capacity and competitiveness. Through tax credits, programs and services for the film and television, book and magazine publishing, music and interactive digital media industries, OMDC maximizes opportunities for growth and innovation in Ontario and abroad. Ontario’s creative media industries contribute billions of dollars annually to the economy and generate thousands of highly skilled jobs. For OMDC’s Staff directory go to:

Basic Listings

181 Carlaw Ave.
T: 416-461-5868
T: (613) 332-3331 Ext.
T: 705-739-4220
T: 613-967-3256
Bessies, The-Canadian Commercial Awards
T: 416-413-3864
Brampton Film Office
T: 905-874-2664
Brant, County of
T: 519-442-1818
T: 800-563-9999
T: 705-432-2355
Dejczak, Marty - Location Manager
T: 416-417-2155
Directors Guild Of Canada
T: 416-925-8200
Dube, Randy
T: 416-543-7386
Fonebook Publishing Corporation
T: 416-516-6226
Gainor, Andrew - Location Manager
T: 416-460-7538
Matthews, Jonathan - Location Manager
T: 416-560-4387
Medicine In Film Inc.
T: 647-444-4219
Ministry of Natural Resources Information
T: 800-667-1940
Robertson, Tony - Commercial Location Manager
T: 416-417-3804
Tough, Michael - Location Manager
T: 416-209-5325

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