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Directory Listings

Featured Listings

BBC Motion Gallery
100 King Street East
Suite 3700
Toronto ON, M5A 1A9
416-642-2796 /
Yen Chu, Regional Sales Manager
Mary Minardi, Content Sales Representative
BBC Motion Gallery is now represented by Thought Equity Motion in Canada. Content from over 50 years of BBC Television. The Motion Gallery is a comprehensive option for researchers and producers looking for the best choice of material.
CTV Archive Sales
9 Channel Nine Crt.
Toronto ON, M1S 4B5
Jennifer M. Baird, Stock Shot Facilitator
Jennifer M. Baird
Preserving the past/focusing on the future. CTV has been building its impressive collection of news and documentary stock footage for over 40 years.
Thought Equity Motion
100 King Street East
Suite 3700
Toronto ON, M5A 1A9
Yen Chu, Regional Sales Manager
Mary Minardi, Content Sales Representative
Thought Equity Motion is the world leader in digitizing, delivering and monetizing high-quality video content. Video from Thought Equity Motion’s unparalleled library is seen globally every day in film, television, the Internet and other emerging applications. The company’s media partners include BBC Motion Gallery, NBC News, Paramount Pictures, MGM Studios, HBO Archives, The New York Times, National Geographic, Sony Pictures, and the NCAA® and its Content Services clients include the world’s leading advertising agencies, producers of entertainment, and publishers.

Basic Listings

Action Sports
T: 310-459-2526
Action Sports Adventure
T: 212-721-2800
Adventure Film Productions Canada
T: 416-699-3456
T: 541-863-4429
Camera One
T: 206-523-3456
Canadian Museum of Nature
T: 613-566-4700
Canadian Press (Picture Archive)
T: 416-364-0321
CBC Archive Sales
T: 416-205-6361
T: 312-939-1300
T: 404-827-4262
Corbis Canada
T: 450-466-6600
Corbis Images
T: 800-260-0444
CTV News Stox
T: 416-384-7389
T: 626-395-9593
FILM Archives Inc.
T: 212-696-2616
First Light
T: 416-597-8625
Florida HD Productions
T: 813-877-2118
Footage Possibilities
T: 416-751-3788
T: 416-834-4678
Getty Images
T: 800 462-4379
Historic Films
T: 631-477-9700
Jim Pattison Trade Group
T: 416-977-1771
Karvonen Films
T: 780-467-7167
Magic Lantern Media Inc
T: 416-363-6765
Masterfile Corporation
T: 416-929-3000
National Geographic Film Library
T: 877-730-2022
Silverman Stock Footage
T: 917-470-9104
Storm Stock
T: 817-276-9500
Streamline Films Inc.
T: 212-925-2547
T3Media/ BBC Motion Gallery
T: 416-642-2796
The Canadian Press
T: 416-507-2198
Toronto Sun News Research Centre Syndicated Services, The
T: 416-947-3123
T: 416-484-2600
Wish You Were Here Film & Video Inc.
T: 866 347-8625
WPA Film Library
T: 708-460-0555

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