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Codes Pro Media Canada Ltd.
123 Niagara St.
Toronto ON, M5V 1C6
Morris Campbell
Codes Pro Media is one of the largest media suppliers in Canada. A fully authorized dealer for Sony, Fuji, Maxell and Panasonic, we proudly provide superior service for all customers, large or small.
510C Front St. W
Toronto ON, M5V 1B8
Gloria Walman, Sales Manager
Tapeworks is Toronto's premier media sales company offering all major brands and formats of professional recording media including video tape, CD/DVD media, disc media packaging and data storage products.

Basic Listings

BASF Canada
T: 416-675-3611
Dynamix Professional Video Systems Inc. London
T: 519-681-5000
Dynamix Professional Video Systems Inc. Toronto
T: 905-882-4000
Dynamix Professional Video Systems. Ottawa Inc.
T: 613-724-4999
FUJIFILM Canada Inc.
T: 905-890 6611
Healey Disc (Toronto Sales Office)
T: 416-364-2649
Kodak Canada Inc.
T: 800-621-3456
Maxell Canada
T: 905-669-8107
Theatre D Digital
T: 416-466-4400

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