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Directory Listings

Featured Listings

Affiliated Equipment
14 Plastics Avenue
Toronto ON, M8Z4B7
PS Production Services Ltd.
80 Commissioners St.
Toronto ON, M5A 1A8
Toll Free, 800-461-0037
The Source Shop
119 Jefferson
Toronto ON, M6K 3E4
Louise Nardella, Director
Specializing in sales of Lighting & Grip Equipment, Expendable Supplies, Accessories, Extreme Weather Gear featuring Canada Goose Parkas & Promotional Products to the Entertainment Industry Since 1993. Creators of Authentic Crew Gear
William F. White International Inc.
800 Islington Avenue
Toronto ON, M8Z 6A1
William F. White International Inc. is Canada’s oldest and largest provider of motion picture, television, digital media, and theatrical production equipment with offices across Canada.

Basic Listings

Airstar Canada Inc.
T: 416-208-9814
Alpha Media Group
T: 613-236-2682
Arri Canada Limited
T: 416-255-3335
Audio Services Corporation (Canada) Ltd
T: 416-251-5409
Bling Digital
T: 416-979-3001
Clairmont Camera
T: 416-467-1700
CRS (1404811 Ontario LTD)
T: 613-744-8889
T: 416-588-7587
Dwight Crane Ltd.
T: 416-287-3107
Frischkorn Mediaco
T: 416-405-9797
Frischkorn Mediaco
T: 613-565-0500
Harris Canada Systems, Inc. Broadcast Communications Division
T: 416-443-3008
HL Electric Inc.
T: 416-750-7790
Jack A. Frost Ltd.
T: 905-624-5344
JDG Electronics Ltd
T: 416-654-5445
Kingsway Motion Picture Ltd.
T: 416-463-4345
Lentequip Inc.
T: 416-406-2442
T: 800 310-4783
Matthews Equipment Ltd.
T: 705-321-8838
MVI MultiVision Inc.
T: 416-449-1080
P.A. Plus Productions Inc.
T: 416-429-9249
Picture Perfect Package And Support Truck
T: 416-917-3133
T: 416-931-0785
Professional Sound & Lighting
T: 613-736-5585
T: 416.879.3761
Sescolite Creative Lighting
T: 416-651-6570
Sony of Canada Ltd
T: 416-499-1414
The Big Freeze Canada
T: 647-400-4380
Westbury National
T: 416-752-1371

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