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Directory Listings

Featured Listings

Affiliated Equipment
14 Plastics Avenue
Toronto ON, M8Z4B7
David J. Woods Productions Inc.
934 Eastern Ave.
Toronto ON, M4L 1A4
David Woods, CEO/President
Diane Woods, VP/Exec. Producer (Sales&Marketing)
HD and SD Camera packages, AirPacks, Remote Heads, Video Assist and full range of support peripherals
Dome Productions
1 Blue Jays Way
Suite 3400
Toronto ON, M5V 1J3
Bruce Gaum, Manager of Technology & New Business
Ken Brown, Director of Distribution Services
Good Dog Digital
200 Evans Ave., Unit #5
Toronto ON, M8Z 1J7
Joe Sutherland Rentals
1 Carlaw Avenue
Unit 4
Toronto ON, M4M 2R6
Joe Sutherland
Joe Sutherland Rentals, Is Toronto Canada's Premier Supplier Of XD CAM, DSLR Video Capable Cameras, HD Digital Video, & Production Supply Equipment.
SIM Digital
One Atlantic Ave.
Suite 110
Toronto ON, M6K 3E7
William F. White International Inc.
800 Islington Ave.
Toronto ON, M8Z 6A1
Kerry Leger, Manager, Speciality Equipment
William F. White International Inc. is Canada’s oldest and largest provider of motion picture, television, digital media, and theatrical production equipment with offices across Canada.

Basic Listings

3D Camera Company Limited, The
T: 416-460-2834
Bullet Digital
T: 416-536-9100
Dazmo Camera
T: 416-234-5557
Inspired Image Picture Company Inc
T: 416-405-9977
Panavision (Canada) Corporation
T: 416-444-7000
Production Services
T: 416-466-0037
Tri-Lite TV
T: 905-828-2225

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